Gardening in a British garden with 3 things should have just thought it.

18 September 2022

The English Garden, get the items in the garden should be arranged simply by changing the garden is beautiful.

Gardening can be enumerated in many styles, depending on the owner or the suitability of that area. In Thailand, it is popular garden in a variety of styles such as tropical gardens, Bali gardens, Japanese gardens, France but the most popular would be in the English garden. It evolved from the style of Italian gardens and French gardens, it will focus on connecting the beautiful garden with the building together.
The English style garden is divided into 4 major categories. The English Garden is a classic. English countryside atmosphere will look more rural with the sweetness of the flowers. The English Cottage, which will look lovely without any additives and the garden in the pickup is mixed with many flowers in a single container. Today the Homedeedee team will introduce what should be in the English garden. In order to make your garden more English garden.

Decorative items used in the British style garden. Most of the Roman stucco, gods, pots, Roman fountain, cupid or may be animals that living in the garden such as duck, rabbits and including old pot, old tin, wood tabls, wooden chair, laths, old iron tabls, bike lantern, tree picker. It is decorated for a small corner.

Jogging track
A jogging track in the English garden, should be use local materials that are natural, such as Cobblestone sheet. Which is a cut stone for the path, square gray tone can be selected other materials embracing the mood of the stone. The pattern of natural stone is suitable for English garden,just plant shrubs and bushes around the jogging track will be a little English garden as you want.

The English Garden style will focus on a variety of trees into one area. It is called mixed border, so the selection of the type of tree to bring into the same zone should look like a similar care, such as the zone is a species of sunny and watery. Another zone is a flower that is resistant to drought, the zone is a species of trees that like shade, and the selection of plants suitable for the weather.

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