Heaven is just Bangsaen! “Sea Salt” at the beach that everyone loves.

18 September 2022

The best place to visit on the beach of Bangsaen in Casalunar Paradiso with the name “Sea Salt”.

Called likes at first sight, with a simple modern style. “Sea Salt” has many zones to choose,a variety of emotions suitable for customers.

All parts of “Sea Salt” throughout the idea of ​​selection. Cute decorate, paintings on the walls, tables, chairs. The food is equally stylish and appetizing, with delicious home-cooked and exotic creations here.

This is the only one menu, “Sea Salt” also has a creative menu with quality ingredients. Let’s take the one you love to enjoy at the “Sea Salt”. The restaurant that guarantee you will not be disappointed. … Heaven is just a Bangsaen. Located on 700/285 Casalunar Paradiso, Sukhumvit Road, Bang Saen, Chonburi 20000

Cr : https://www.wongnai.com/articles/sea-salt