Must think before owning a condo

18 September 2022

The condominium are increasing. For beginners to buy or want to own the first time,how to buy a condo.

1. Gold Location
Living on a beautiful estate will help save time to traveling,and add time to relax. You should consider a project near BTS lines, MRT and multi-lane access to avoid the traffic jam. Non main street condo is silence, suitable for the calm person. Don’t forget to look for a location near the restaurant or department store, it will easy to buy a daily necessity.


2. Fully with many facilities
Balance the lifestyle. Just open the door,down the elevator can using various facilities in one place.

3. Investment
Advantages of High-Rise Condominiums: High rise condominiums with 8 storeys up to almost 100 storeys. Most located along the main road, which is 10 meters wide .

Advantages of high-rise condo

– On the main road (better location)

– Convenient transportation

– There are more types and sizes for choose

– There is a higher ceiling (standard 2.7 meters, some room up to 3 meters )

– Have more facilities.

– Good view, overlooking the city and panoramic views, such as the park, city, sea view.

– There are more common areas than low rise condo.

– The architecture of the project is more beautiful.

– Pay less for maintenance fee because there are many units.

– The service of the project is over.

– There are more elevatorts.

– Separate passenger lift and transportation lift.
– The speed of passenger elevator is higher.

– The wind blows better than

– less dust

– no mosquito

– higher value for investment

4. Trustworthy Projects

Real estate agent with long experience will help guarantee the effectiveness of project. If you need to sell or rent, if the project is famous it will be sold easier.
These ideas will make the decision to buy a good condominium and suitable for living and investment.

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