Make good feng shui is only rich

18 September 2022

Today we will present good Feng Shui house that help to fortune.

Get good energy by opening the house to the many space,keep the house tidy and regularly cleaning.

Bringing the sacred that respectable into the house. Take the main Pagua or the octagon in the north and at the center of the house. Do not set in the bathroom, laundry room and garage, the altar should have gems to decorate .

Decoration house with green leaves or sacred tree, to use the power in nature to help attract wealth. Can be placed in the east, south and northeast.

Increases energy circulation with water movement such as install a fountain or pond in the north, east, southeast or southwest but

not put it in the bedroom.

Install glass to reflect the store. It is believed that it will help to reflect those wealth to grow up.

In the end we will be beautifully tidy and may get rich wealth. Who organized this as a result? Let to show it.
CR: FB Government Housing Bank